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Do your SHARE for a Common Cluj!
11Mai 2013

This Is How to Do Your SHARE for a Common CLUJ

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Olivér Kiss - journalist, blogger (

Cluj/Kolozsvár/Klausenburg is big enough to be interesting and small enough to be intimate, said somebody more intelligent than me. True. Plus, the nationalist era is long gone, we now can focus on the present and the future. Get your friends together, come up with ideas and you might get money for a project that is linked – for example – to one of your hobbies. Com’on, get to it. NOW!

Francesca, facilitator, Cultural Ambassador of the Foundation Perugiassisi 2019

Hello! I am Francesca from Italy and I believe that Participatory Budgeting means being the protagonist of your city’s life and change. Indeed, through voting you will be able to decide how to spend a part of the public money. COM’ON Cluj-Napoca is something new and challenging, because it the first Participatory Budgeting for Youth initiative in Romania, the first which directly addresses youth, and you. If you are living in Cluj-Napoca, are aged between 14-35 and would like to make your dream come true while contributing to the community, don’t miss this extraordinary opportunity!

Paola, facilitator, Cultural Ambassador of the Foundation Perugiassisi 2019

In my opinion the potentiality of the project is:​
- the aim of building a net of young informal groups supported by experts​
- giving life to a real project made by young informal groups​
- create awareness among youth in Cluj​
- activate a new mechanism of cooperation​
- build a link between young informal groups and institutions through the facilitators